Small startup with 2 excecutive, 1 developer and 5 investors. They build webapp for personal financial  planing. This app is different from others: it's not only for income and spendings, but for financial goals like planing child, buying house and planing retirement. Powered by smart algorithm its not calculate goals and spendings, but also provides smart financial advises for any users actions. Its also aligned to Russian laws and teaches users how to use fund market and becoming low-risk invest, gain to not becoming reach, but financial safety.

My role

Product designer, product consultant, UX mentor


They started building in 2017 with another designer. When I came they had good-content home page, clear onboarding. But when users finished onboarding, the goal and value of this app was not clear for them. The dashboard had lots of unclear graphs and unclear tables. They conducted friends and family quality research using google form questionnaire and according this research, product was not useful at all. My task was to find issues in landing, onboarding, fix them and to create useful value-oriented app.


26-40 IT empoyees with average salary 1,5k $ in month, living in big city, working at office with wife or family.

My process

As these clients are very opened to new approaches, they were already stuck, we decided to conduct brainstorm, create ~15 ideas, throw away bad once, prototype best one, test them quickly and only after that — develop it. The product has AI engine and lots of restrictions. Client have clear understanding it should bring but don't know how. We divided work in 3 iterations:


Main part (something like dashboard)

Rest features

We are working on it using Progressive JPEG method. This product doesn't required dribble-level-UI but requires a lot of iteration of UX. I conducted 7 interviews with potential users and we proved that onboarding is done.


Product in development stage. You may try previous version.


It was very frightfully for me to work in such conditions. Where we need to find solution together and nobody knows which one is the best. I enjoy that client clear understands value of result and that we test it with users. I was mentoring 2 junior designers while working on this project.