Synqq is a calendar + meeting notes app, voice enabled

Synqq is web and ios apps made for people who have a lots of meetings and they need a single tool to keep all meeting notes in one place, share meeting note with attendees, recall information. It helps to plan meeting in a note, share this note with attendees so they are notified with meeting plan. During meeting you can record and voice-to-text note, add pictures and write text notes. After meetings it helps to recall information. More than that: you can connected it to the calendar, email and see profiles of people you are meeting with, check when you met them last time and what have you discussed. The core feature is voice-to-text notes.

I was in charge of brand, ui, creating new features, working with developers.

My role

UI designer, UX (prototyping, iterating on a user flow for a new feature or redesigning old ones)

I was designing this app from 2016 to 2018. And as this was a startup, we did several pivots, hundreds of homepages, dozens of variants of everything. Regarding UI design my goal was to make it look as white and simple as possible. After new designer came in, he brought trendy-shadows to UI. And I continued working on prototypes and new features.


You may try this product yourself: Synqq

Some UI animations I did: Synqq animated prototypes

Check an onboarding flow, I published: Onboarding video

And here I collected a lot of abandoned variants, assets, videos,  prototypes. Dive in: Work in progress for Synqq

As a Product Designer I was responsible for:

Product prototype

Product Brand Managing

Online Branding

Implementing New Features

UI Videos

Design System Not only UI Kit

Deck / Slides Design

Marketing Videos

Hiring / Team leading a bit


In Jan 2020 this product is still working, we use it inside our team. Unfortunately, we never launched it publicly. But it gave our team an idea of using voice inside any product, then we created a feature inside Synqq. After that we created a completely new Alan AI.

Also we filled in several patients while working on Synqq.

Design collateral

I collected all assets around this product, because sometimes during talk, pitch or a lesson, I need to show do/don't's examples to my audience. So feel free not look further.