My pet project Paralang is a web app that helps learning basic words in several languages in parallel way.

My role

I created an idea, designed, developed css part in using CSS Grids (I wanted to try somewhere), prepared table with content, recorded all audios and was streaming development process to telegram channel.


I speak english (with some grammar mistakes). I studied Spanish, French, some Turkish. And when I need this touristic phrases, I just forget all of them or my brain gives me another language.


Travellers or language learners, who want to learn words

My process

Prepared a table, that I use for recalling words, with 2 sections: Turistic phrases, Basic level words

Creates design

Developed it with help of js-developer

MVP currently is working and we need to finish it some day.


As it my pet project I was happy to work on it and I rely need to finish it, because I want to learn new words: listening word with a music. Also it can be used with a some language learning party.