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Meta is a service that find a psychologist in several clicks for comfortable price and user's specific request. I was helping with redesigning onboarding, because its main part of this product. After onboarding client get contacts of psychologist and meet hem or her using other tools like: skype, whatsup or offline.

My role

UX/UI designer


Onboarding in Meta was confusing and users were dropping. Meta's team wanted to improve it and was doing it by conducting user interviews constantly. Manager was interviewing users. She delivered changes to me. I was making this changes in UI. I was working on onboarding, profile of psychologist. I tested whole system and found out more issues: the process of providing psychologist was very slow and psychologist that were provided to me to choose from had broken facebooks pages, etc.


25-45, high than middle class, IT employees


I got task from CEO and constrains and requierments were defined

I was recreating onboarding in UI, creating prototypes, providing them for testing

Making variants for pages

Making changes in prototypes after interviews

I gathered all symbols and created Design UI Kit


After my work and changes Meta made they increased user attention so as the profit. I consulted this startup short period of time and I was surprises how effective and fast they are.