In Russia we have very famous doctor Gavrilov who has a giant project related to health & fitness. I was working RSPK (15 developers, 3 executives, 1 manager working with all our clients) — remote developer's team and we provided IT services for doctor Gavrilov's project. Fitness grid (Lenta) is: newsletter, lots of landings and huge web app where user may set healthy goals, track food, sleep, changes in weight, sizes, get help from personal psychologist. They called it "observation of personal health story app".

Doctor Gavrilov has special methodology where observation is first and main step. My tasks were: creating prototype, copywriting, testing and supporting homepage and redesigning dashboard, all Lenta app along with developers who were refactoring and restructuring architecture of code to modern frameworks.

My role

UI designer


Old and slow, unclear dashboard.

My process

  1. Research
  2. Create document with hypothesis, UI bugs, usability issues.
  3. Working with developers to figure out how to fix the issues the easiest way
  4. Designing variants of dashboard and all important pages


Some pages were redesigned and rebuild, but board members were changed and we couldn't finish our work completely.


I practiced my data visualization  skills. I was happy helping 100k+ users. RSPK team did all the best from development and management points of view. More images about this project: Application form, Promopage, Redesign of app.