Giveback — платформа для развития сотрудников с помощью социально значимых активностей


There are teams in huge companies that rarely spent time with each other. They might drink beer and eat pizza on Fridays, but these Fridays hardly make people become friends. What makes people become friends is collaborating around helping those who are in real need: elderдy, people with disabilities, children without parents or even cleaning garbage from forest. Giveback lets corporate teams login, find, arrange a trip to these kinda places where help is needed. It is a team building AND charity, win-win for company and for the world. Giveback is a whitelabel app that was used by 30+ corporates from 2k employees.

My role

UI/UX designer. I was called to create material design system, fix ui-ux-usability issues, help developers, and conduct user interviews. The team was small: 1 manager, 1 executive, 5 developers.


Giveback had proved MVP, bootsrapped with material framework by developers. New features were planned, but UX of MVP was not fully comfortable for users (they were complaining). It was a perfect time to start redesign and create design system.


Employees in corporations that are involved in charity. Or participating in charity activities is required.

My process

Creating usability bugs report (UX/UI, copywriting, errors, user flow)

Prototyping updated product with new features

Redesigning old features

Delivering design to developers

Testing it and creating list of fixes


I provided redesign of new feature, did usability reports, was building multy branded design system. Redesign 60% of main features, created prototypes.

The project was paused. Number of active users is 7000 – 10000.


The developers and managers in this team were awesome and it was fun to work with them. We made huge progress and I am upset that we didn't finished rebuilding this project.