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Get Doctor is a service to contact doctor online. After signup user describes his health issue, doctor on duty answers, provides consultation. If any specific help needed they call specific doctor. App was made with a chat logic & a medical card. I was working on this project with RSPK team.

My role

Product designer. Landing page, design system, redesign of all app.


Very old UI/UX that was not clear and not working for users. It was MVP was made by developers and they started to rebuild it.


Female 20-45 who dont trust doctors in local hospitals, who far away from any hospital, or who need help (not urgent) at night or holidays.

My process

Idea evaluation, usability report document

Research users, doctors, managers, medical field

Information architecture of product, listing core features

Prototyping and testing with users

Redesigning UI. UX+UI of product. web, ipad, mobile versions

Creating design system (UI kit)

Syncronizing design system with developers

Creating second level features design

Testing and checking frontend part

Creating landing page, Deck, Branding



This app was rebuild and launched for sometime. Then it was sold to another company and turned off. More images related to this project.