Cheldrama is Chelyabinsk's drama theater with a website from 90-th. The executives of Cheldrama contacted to the IT agency from Chelyabinsk for integrating ticket-booking system. But that was impossible and they started rebuilding website using modern framework along with redesigning and creating friendly mobile version.  The goals of the website are: provide schedule of performances, describe each famous actor, provide all information about services in the theatre and providing away to purchase a tickets. My goal was to make usable design, very functional and simple. With less creativity and more utility, as Cheldrama itself is very creative project with artistic people, a web site should be just a frame for their activity.

My role

Product design


Visual design evaluations

Prototype with simple layouts

Flow for "Help me find a play" form

Flow for poster (List of plays)

Final prototype with all screens

Design system


Copywriting and UX texts

Web site was developed and launched but I didn't have a chance to polish UI bugs with developer because of changes in theater's board members.


Challenge for me was to complete project in 2 week. I was working at nights but feedback from IT agency, and content from old website helped very much. The UI part is not the way I enjoy it, but I did my best in UX, mobile version, design system, copywriting and scheduling pages, timetable.

More on Behance

This was my favourite variant of style I made for Cheldrama.