Redesign of a check out flow as a UI/UX exercise for people who was mentoring. UI designer mentor

My process

I planned to show redesign process to my students so I had chosen Adidas's checkout flow to show the difference between UI and UX approaches.

  1. Clarify goals of checkout.
  2. List all ui and ux ussues in a document
  3. Removing unnesusary items (we don't know the exact reasons of Adidas's team to create items, so we followed a Occama Razor's rule)
  4. Rebuilding all flow
  5. Redesigning UI in more fashionable, yet clear way
  6. Creating a behance project for it


This project was a fresh air for me: to freely re-design something without too much constrains. Also to do more just-UI work, because I was busy on my main job doing copywriting, prototyping and thinking. Students got the idea of redesigning forms and learned the way I work. And I got a dribbbly-behance case with more images then logic to my portfolio