In Synqq we are making business app that has a voice control.

User can control app with voice and make audio notes. Someday I’ll publish an app-store research of them.

I was struggling to make cool wave form in Sketsh: it always frezzez, especially after 1000000 lines. So I decided to remember my drawing skills, practice drawing waves PS and share the results. Here we go.

1. Wind tool in Photoshop

  • Draw a line
  • Filters → Stylize →Wind
  • Cmd+F a few times

2. Liquify and blur

3. Blur and wrap

  • Draw random dots
  • Lots of motion blur
  • Free transform and WRAP it
  • Repeat
  • Colorize

4. Liquify and blur

Logic here is to blur top layer less than bottom ones.

5. Blur the dot

6. Twirl it

7. Add some lights

Abstract Desktop Wallpaper

8. Displacement maps

Wave digital fussion wallpaper

9. Blend in Illustrator